Tänndalen # 1 among Scandinavian mountain visitors.

What makes Scandinavian mountain travellers go to a specific ski resort?
According to Nordic Bench’s survey, there are a number of factors that influence visitors’ choices, but above all, it is the destination’s reputation, value for money, quality of slopes and the accommodation that affect and thus drive loyalty.

When close to 6,600 Scandinavians express how willing they are to recommend the mountain destination they visited last winter, Tänndalen comes out as number one.

Grade nine or ten

As many as 83% of those who have been there giving the grade nine or ten (scale 0-10). Other destinations at the top with high recommendation ratings are Funäsdalen, Trysil, Hemavan / Tärnaby and Vemdalen. What Tänndalen’s visitors particularly emphasize in support of their rating is that they feel comfortable, that the area offers excellent cross-country skiing and that it is child-friendly.
In a new report from the analysis institute Nordic Bench, about 6,600 Scandinavians have had their say about what they think about the mountain destinations they have visited during the past year.

Respondents were given, among other things, the degree to which they would like to recommend the destination they visited to friends and colleagues. The questions are then deepened to ultimately give a result of how the destinations stand on a number of different parameters in comparison with each other.

And the winner is…

From the answers, you can get a Net Promoter Score® (NPS value), which is an established recommendation and loyalty measure. This value is obtained by comparing the proportion of ambassadors (those who answered 9 or 10 on the NPS® scale) to the proportion of critics (those who answered 0 – 6). Tänndalen is ranked highest with the NPS® value 78, which is five points higher than two Funäsdalen and 17 points higher than, for example, Åre, which comes in tenth place. In total, values are reported for 27 destinations in Sweden and Norway.
-We carry out these independent studies in several different industries, but we never achieve as high values as we do in the mountain study.

We Scandinavians love our mountain village and want nothing more than to share our experience with friends and acquaintances, which is not least seen in social media during the winter. For the resorts, it can be grateful marketing if the visitors are satisfied, but can have completely opposite consequences if the ski resort does not live up to visitors’ expectations, says Jan Ogner, CEO of Nordic Bench.

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