Stockholm – Short but awesome walk

You may have been to Stockholm City? Then you probably know several places here in the pictures again. 
This tour is a perfect walk, 3.96 km / 2.46 mi in length, to see some attractions, no need to drive or take a bus.
Put your shoes on and discover Stockholm City on foot.
You will walk along the waterline over bridges and up on the hill to the castle and watch the lifeguards of the king.


Gröna lund
You might have been to Gröna Lund. It’s an old amusement park.
Here people have been enjoying themselves since 1883.
The Stockholmers often call Gröna Lund for the Green.


Skansen is a large outdoor museum.
Here you can watch animals and old farms from all over Sweden.
It is easy to believe that you have landed in the countryside!

The castle (Slottet)

slottet stockholm

The castle (Slottet), here the royal family lived in the past.
Now they live at Drottningholm Castle outside Stockholm.
But it is at this castle that they have their work and receives guests.

Old Town (Gamla Stan)

gamla stan

The Old Town (Gamla Stan) is a small island in the middle of Stockholm.
It is the oldest part of the city. It was here that Stockholm began to be built in the 1250s.
In the Old Town, the houses are close and the alleys are narrow and narrow.

The main square in the Old Town is Stockholm’s oldest square.
It was once a trading place where you came to buy and sell goods.
Around this square, the city of Stockholm grew.

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