Kungsleden – Hiking

kungsleden hiking trail

Kungsleden between Abisko and Hemavan is one of the world’s most famous and perhaps best hiking trails. The trail, which is just over 400 kilometres long, was created by the Swedish Tourist Association in the early 1900s. Since then, it has been visited by hikers from all over the world.

Kungsleden stretches through a varied landscape in Lapland’s mountain world. The trail changes dramatically along the road between alpine terrain and more lowland in a mountain birch forest. A hike through the kungsleden takes you through lush mountain heaths which are finely lined by lakes, high dramatic peaks and also pass several small mountain villages.
Kungsleden goes through four national parks; Abisko, Great Sjöfallet, Sarek and Pieljekaise. Along the entire trail, reindeer herding is ongoing, requiring you as a walker to show consideration. The trail is well marked and bridges are deployed where it would otherwise be difficult to cross the watercourses.

STF has no less than 16 mountain cabins along the Kungsleden trail. The cabins are located between 10 and 20 kilometres. There are no STF cottages between Kvikkjokk and Ammarnäs, but other accommodation is offered to a limited extent.

The most common places to start or end a King Trail are in Abisko, Vakkotavare, Saltoluokta, Kvikkjokk, Ammarnäs or Hemavan. However, the one who starts in Nikkaluokta comes first to Kungsleden after 2 days of hiking.