Kolmården, Welcome to the most beautiful Zoo in the world

Kolmården Zoo

Around 2 and a half hours away from Stockholm you will find Kolmården Zoo the paradise for animal and attraction lovers.

Welcome to a world full of experiences for all ages! This year we are presenting not just one, but two exciting news to a zoo that is already packed with adventure. In addition, we have opened the gates to the completely renovated Vildmarkshotellet.


Let the adventure begin!


Enjoy one of Scandinavia’s most exciting experiences!

Nestled in the beautiful countryside south of Stockholm, is Kolmården Wildlife Park. Covering 1.5 square kilometres and home to countless animal species, thrilling rides and magical shows Kolmården is among the most popular tourist attractions in the Nordic countries.

In the Dolphin Show Life, dolphins leap from the water into the hearts of the audience. Board the unique Safari gondola to quietly glide close above lions and giraffes.

Come face to face with big cats in Tiger World, and watch enthralled as raptors swoop overhead in the Birds of Prey Show Wings.

Kolmården is also home to plenty of thrilling rides, such as Wildfire – the greatest wooden rollercoaster in the world! You can also meet Bamse – the world’s strongest bear – and his friends in a magical world of their own.

There are plenty of accommodation options nearby. Newly renovated Vildmarkshotellet offers fabulous sea views around the corner from the theme park. But if you really want to experience the wild animals close up, the Safari Camp tent village is the place to stay.

Your admission fee covers all our attractions, shows and experiences. Welcome to one of the world’s most beautiful theme parks!


Thrilling rides



With three inversions, a top speed of over 110 km/h and a drop angle of 83 degrees this ride is a real game changer!

The Safari gondola

The Safari gondola lets you experience wild animals in close quarters in a way that’s not possible in any other wildlife park on earth. Glide weightlessly above the landscape, listing to the wind singing in the treetops, while lions, bears, moose and giraffes roam below you.

And many more

Marine World and the World of Bamse include lots of fun rides for kids and adults alike. Two thrilling roller coasters, two rocking ships and cars on rails, to name a few. Theyoungest visitors will enjoy Bamse’s honeypot merry-go-round.


Breathtaking animal displays


The Dolphin Show Life

The Dolphin Show Life has proved a tremendous hit with thousands of people worldwide. Look forward to a world-class show full of laughter, emotional tension and enthralling performances.

The Birds of Prey Show Wings

The Birds of Prey Show Wings is an enthralling, spine-tingling performance featuring free-flying birds. You’re a guest of the birds, so sit tight and watch while a falcon, an owl or another raptor swoops by overhead.

Numerous other animal displays

All around the park the animal keepers put on displays where they present the animals demonstrate how they feed and train the animals and look after their surroundings. Learn more about the great animal characters who live here, get up close and personal to the fascinating animals and learn how the park works. Featured species include tigers, bears, meerkats, desert animals, animals of South America and many more.

The World of Bamse

The World of Bamse – the world’s strongest bear – comes to life here at Kolmården. Experience the sights and sounds of this magical world with over 20,000 square metres of rides, play areas, parkland, shops and food courts.

Bamse kolmården

Stay at Kolmården!

At Kolmården there are plenty of fun experiences for kids and adults alike. Check out our options for your overnight stay!


New Vildmarkshotellet


Welcome to Vildmarkshotellet, a family-friendly hotel right next to the wildlife park. At this newly renovated hotel, there’s plenty of room for both play and relaxation. The four-star property has wonderful sea views as well as a private entrance into the wildlife park. It also boasts a spa and wellness centre, with gym indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi and sauna.

The room rates at Vildmarkshotellet includes a two-day admission pass to Kolmården Wildlife Park for each guest. The admission pass includes all animal shows and displays, the World of Bamse, unlimited rides, and unlimited trips on the Safari Gondola.

Food and drink

The hotel has plenty of food options to suit all ages and palates. With two brand new restaurant concepts and a stunning view from our impressive terrace, we’ll make your meals here an experience. Our menus feature organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients and our breakfast menu is KRAV certified.

For more information and reservations please call +46 10 708 7000.


Getting to the beautiful Zoo


Getting to Kolmården is easy. The park is about 170 km south of Stockholm and easily accessible by car, plane, train or bus.

By car

Kolmården is easy to find by car. The park is located 10km east of the highway (E4). Just follow the signs from the highway exits.

If you are coming by electric car there are a few parking spaces with charging stations (type 2, 11-22kW) in the parking lot.

By bus

Daily bus services link Kolmården with nearby towns such as Norrköping, Krokek and Nyköping. For timetables and fares, please see the Östgötatrafiken and Flixbus websites.

By train

You can get to Kolmårde by train from lots of places in Sweden. The nearest train stations to the wildlife park are Kolmården and Norrköping. From there, buses will take you all the way to our entrances. For timetables and fares see the Swedish Railway website.

By air

There are three airports close to Kolmården.

Arlanda, Sweden’s biggest airport is north of Stockholm and regular train and bus services will take you to Stockholm, where you can connect with other transportation to Kolmården.

From Norrköping Airport, just 30km away, you can reach Kolmården by local bus.

Skavsta airport is about 50km away and has bus and train services to Kolmården.

Don’t hesitate to call 010-708 70 00 with any questions. See you soon!


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