Gränna and Visingsö

Gränna and Visingsö

A cosy day trip to Gränna and Visingsö is not difficult. In beautiful weather almost unbeatable. The small wooden town with the polka-bellies is located right at the foot of the Grännaberget, on the beautiful eastern Vättern shore.
Here you are met by cobbled streets and charming low houses.
And Visingsö is just a short journey with the ferry away.

Polkagris and polar expedition

Gränna is the birthplace of explorer Salomon August Andrée (1854-97), famous for his well-known and unsuccessful balloon expedition to the North Pole. At Gränna Museum, you can learn all about André’s laborious journey and its mysterious end.

Today, however, the city is most famous for its polka dots. Making them is a craft and it is fascinating to visit one of the many manufacturers and watch as the sticky dough turns into symmetrically striped sticks.


In Gränna harbour are cosy restaurants in a row and the ferry over to Visingsö goes frequent every 20 min. On Visingsö there are traces of people from the Stone Age and Swedish kings have used the island since the 1100s. During the 17th century, the mighty Braheätten was located in Visingsborg, the castle ruin near the harbour.

There are many attractions on the island and a great way to get around is by horse and carriage, the characteristic Remmalagen. The tours depart from the harbour during the summer season. Another popular way to see Visingsö is by bicycle. Bring your own or rent on site.

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