Welcome to Gothenburg

Gregarious, relaxed Gothenburg (Göteborg) is the quintessential ‘second city’: understatedly hip and suddenly lively. Neoclassical engineering lines its cable car shook avenues, local people sun themselves next to trenches, and there’s dependably a fascinating social or get-together going on.

The city is prominently walkable. From Centralstationen in the north, retail-driven Östra Hamngatan drives southeast crosswise over one of Gothenburg’s seventeenth century trenches, through verdant Kungsparken (King’s Park) to the city’s boutique and upscale bar-lined ‘Avenyn’ (Kungsportsavenyn) lane.

The waterfront flourishes with everything nautical, from boats, aquariums and ocean related exhibition halls to the freshest fish. Toward the west, the Vasastan, Haga and Linné areas buzz with grassroots innovativeness and a gratefulness for well-saved history.

Gothenburg has a ton to offer and now and then it’s difficult to pick between all the good times. In any case, don’t stress! We have handpicked 10 must-dos that you basically can’t pass up – notwithstanding when you’re lacking in time.

What to do in Gothenburg

1. Have a fabulous time at Liseberg, Scandinavia’s biggest entertainment mecca

Head-turning rides, merry go rounds and shows are a basic piece of summer. In October there is incredible Halloween topic and later in November the recreation center opens up for Christmas at Liseberg.

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2. Visit the marvelous Gothenburg Museum of Art

The historical center has three stars in Michelin’s Green Guide and houses amazing Nordic accumulations dating from the fifteenth century, among different show-stoppers.

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3. Take multi day trek to the Gothenburg archipelago

You can get to the trademark stone precipices and beautiful angling towns in under 60 minutes, and the archipelago is anything but difficult to reach by ship, transport or vehicle.

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4. Investigate the city utilizing the conduits

Gothenburg has from numerous points of view been molded by its closeness to the ocean, and the stream and conduits are available all through the city. They likewise offer an extraordinary perspective on the city, out touring on famous visit vessel Paddan an attempt, or in case you’re Check out more brave, investigate the trenches in a kayak or on an outstanding oar board!

5. Purchase fish at Feskekôrka fish market

The “Fish Church” is a fish showcase corridor finished in 1874 to a structure by the city planner Viktor von Gegerfeldt. Furthermore, truly, it does really resemble a congregation.

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6. Take a ‘Fika break’ in Haga

This beguiling neighborhood has an awesome determination of bistros and little craftsman shops. You may get a kick out of the chance to give a goliath cinnamon bun a shot Haga Nygata.

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7. Go on safari through the rainforest at Universeum

At Universeum you can discover a rainforest, an enormous aquarium and an assortment of intriguing creatures and plants – all under one rooftop.

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8. Shop for Gothenburg plans

Nearby attire brands, recycled things and inside outfitting are only a portion of the numerous fortunes you can discover while investigating the city.

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9. Enjoy fish

Fish and shellfish is a genuine claim to fame in the port city of Gothenburg. Shrimp sandwiches, recently gotten fish in exemplary and present day dishes, mollusks and shellfish – the selction is tremendous! Go to our café page and locate your new most loved spot, regardless of whether you’d like to bet everything on fish or take a stab at something different.

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10. Visit the Garden Society in the downtown area

Only a short distance from the downtown area is the Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädgårdsföreningen) – a standout amongst the best protected nineteenth-century stops in Europe. A short cable car ride away you’ll discover Gothenburg Botanical Garden, a world class greenhouse with in excess of 16 000 unique types of plants.

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