Explore Sweden

Sweden is thanks to its elongated form a country with varying environments and nature. Everything from completely flat landscapes to mountain massifs can be found in different places in Sweden, here is a guide for Sweden’s most powerful nature experiences, we begin in the south.

Söderåsen, Skåne

Söderåsen’s national park boasts of the title as one of the largest coherent noble woods in northern Europe. Here you can visit beech forests and Skåne’s highest point. In Söderåsen’s national park you can go on guided tours or walk around in the forests and explore the fantastic park of the national park, perhaps stay one night in the park’s rest cottages to really experience the nature of Skåne over several days.

Öland’s southern cape

Öland is well known for its spectacular nature and species richness. Just Öland and its southern cape differ quite a bit from the rest of Sweden’s landscape with its peculiar environment and rich wildlife. Birdwatchers from all over the world gather in Öland to get a glimpse of the special birds that are sometimes here but you must not be an ornithologist to be able to enjoy Öland’s birds. There is a museum here that tells more about Öland’s special species and environment. Another attraction on Öland’s southern cape is Långe Jan, which is Sweden’s tallest lighthouse (not the longest man whose name may indicate). From here on Öland’s absolutely southern point you get a great view!

High Coast

If we go a little further north, we end up in Ångermanland and its spectacular natural area high coast. The high coast is a result of the very thick ice sheet that lay over Sweden many years ago and the country is still pressed upwards after being depressed by the ice for a long time ago. Thanks to the ice cap, the High Coast today has the title as the world’s highest coastline. The archipelago and the fantastic views from the mountains that surround the coast are really the must to visit and worth a visit from everyone. Here you can hike and paddle, swim and eat well or just enjoy the beautiful nature. Choose yourself if you want to live in a tent or in a luxury hotel, everything is on the high coast.


Sarek is a national park with the least dramatic environment with extremely high mountains and glaciers that still remain. This makes Sarek a dangerous and difficult-to-reach place, but for those who have the knowledge and courage, it will be an experience like no other. To get to Sarek you have to embark on a hike, a hike that is not recommended for those who have never walked before when the joints are not particularly well marked and no cabins or similar facilities are available. If you manage to get to Sarek and get the opportunity to look out over the national park then this will come to be an experience you never forget.

Remember when you visit Sweden’s nature and national parks:
– Don’t destroy anything. Let others experience nature just as you have been fortunate enough to experience it, to litter and destroy will not give you a better life, it only destroys for animals, nature and other outdoor enthusiasts.
– Follow the rules. All national parks have rules on how and where to fire, how dogs can stay in the park and what to do in the park. Find out all the rules and follow these, they are for a reason.
– The preparations are important. Make sure you know the area you are going to and preferably do not visit new areas alone. Pack with you what you need and always like some extra of ex. food and something to fire up in case an emergency occurs. Respect nature and be aware of your own knowledge, abilities and shortcomings.


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